Matching Gifts

Matching Gifts


What are Matching Gifts? 
Matching gifts are donations made by your employer to a non-profit organization to match a donation you made to that organization. Even retirees and spouses can have their gifts matched for many companies.

Why Matching Gifts?
An employer matching gift program is usually set up by companies in order to encourage philanthropy and generally comes out of foundation funds set aside for this purpose. With minimal effort, you can double the impact that your contribution has for Discovery. Your gift and the matching gift from your employer will be used to support Discovery initiatives like Youth Philanthropy and Financial Aid for qualified Discovery students. Approximately 15% of Discovery students receive need-based tuition assistance, providing economic diversity among our student body while allowing access to children who would otherwise be unable to benefit from our unique educational experience.  

How do I apply for a Matching Gift from my Employer? 
To obtain a matching gift, notify your company that you made a donation. This can usually be done through your company's employee website portal or through your company’s HR department.

What Information Do I Need?
Our name, address, and Employer Identification Number (EIN) are usually necessary to 
complete a matching gift. You may also need information about your donation, which is found on the charitable gift receipt Discovery sends in response to each gift. We are happy to provide this information directly to your employer matching program 

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